m c m c 

   mid coast monarch count                     
     Calhoun County, Texas

orange stars = primary sites   orange circles = secondary sites if personnel available   arrows = driving loop

                           Mid Coast Monarch (Danaus plexipus) Count

                                            Calhoun County, Texas

Some of the photos from three year's ago:  October 30, 2002  November 6, 2002

First, please visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife's Texas Monarch Watch site (click next)
to look at the information that has been gathered there by the staff over many years.  Notice that
there are two fall flyways thru Texas, the central flyway, basically San Antonio west almost to
the Big Bend, where 90%+ of the monarchs east of the Rockies (200+ million) migrate
generally southwest to the sanctuaries in central Mexico and then a lessor known and smaller
group in what is called the coastal flyway that migrate a week or two later.  Altus and I have
become acquainted with the latter group over the last seven and eight years because they pass
near our backyard here in Port Lavaca as they come from the general direction of Trinity Bay
and Galvestion Bay from the northeast of  us. 

To page 2   ...  site location specifics ...  work in progress, but ready to be viewed now

To page 3   ...  data sheet and reporting addresses  ... large file  155 kB allow time to load
     Please send completed to either:
     m c m c                                        or                   Texas  Monarch Watch
     c/o  Victoria Christian School                                Texas Parks and Wildlife
     8 0 1  E. Airline                                                    3000 IH-35 South, Suite 100
     Victoria, Texas  77901                                         Austin, Texas  78704

     and if possible E-mail a quick report to mike.quinn@tpwd.state.tx.us   or  to   heaa@tisd.us

     Thank you,     Harlen and Altus Aschen

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email us at:    heaa@tisd.net     Port Lavaca, Calhoun County, Texas
Teach at   Victoria Chrisitian School, 801 E. Airline, Victoria, Texas 

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