Monarch Observations and Notes from the Texas midcoast November 2006                 page 1
    Port Lavaca, Point Comfort, Lavaca Bay Causeway      by Harlen E. and Altus Aschen
                                               .... notes from the coast ....

Wed., Nov 1:     Front came in, wind NW 15 mph ... full hour 12:20 to 1:20, total of 274, best 5 minutes 32.  About 2/3rds
XXXXX XXXXX of the monarchs above 25', many only at 3'.  Many, many very high and dropped down to between
XXXXX XXXXX  25 and 50 ft when they got over the peninsula or lagoon to head on out across bay.  Count countinued
XXXXX XX/       late into afternoon.  A 20 min. count from 5:00 to 5:20 had 53 go by.  Over half were very high.  Small
                            loose clusters wanting to form.  75 dF hi, 52 this morning, wind still about 15 NW this afternoon.

Thur., Nov 2:     I was watching early and the count was running 8 each five minutes.  At 11:00 I noticed monarchs on
XXXXX XXXXX  the bluff over and among the trees beginning to move around.  Between 11:10 and 11:14, 107
XXXXX XXXXX  monarchs came past me off the bluff.  My guess is they warmed up enough and it was time to go!
XXX                     Ten minute count from 12:40 to 12:50 had 37 pass me, still had two a minute passing by at
                             1:45.   Warmest it got to was 61 dF, N wind at 20 to 25, mostly clear, was 52 early in Victoria.

Fri., Nov 3:         Netted male monarch BIZ 277 from Whitehouse, Ohio:
XXXXX XXXXX Monarchs were nectaring all over the peninsula on both sides after the front came in.  Got to site
XXXXX XXXXX  late, not many flying ... looked at about 200 nectaring on lantana and goldenrod thru binocs to
                            check out size and condition over an hour when came across BIZ 277.

Sat., Nov 4:        Wind out of ENE, very few flying .... saw three dozen nectaring .... netted and tagged two males.
XXX                     Two crossing causeway.   Wind turned to E and was brisk, about 15 mph.

Mon., Nov 6:        Monarchs crossing Commerce street ... nine when crossing causeway ... a few monarchs
XXXXX                 coming across the lagoon ... one to two every five minutes.  Saw about two dozen nectaring
                              on lantana and short seaside goldenrod, just blooming.  E wind by 12:35 / no more monarchs.

Tues., Nov 7:      Rough T-storms at 8:00 last night with some hail and high winds that went into the Gulf.  A light
XXXXX XXXXX  NW wind this morning.  Half hour count 12:20 to 12:50 was 125 avg of 250 an hour.  Had been
XXXXX XXXXX  out since 9:45, count started getting good after 12 noon.  Crossing the causeway, 12 at noon, 14
XXXXX                at 1:15.   Number had dropped to about 60 an hour by 2:30.

Wed., Nov 8:       Before noon wind from SSW and almost calm.  Monarchs crossing Lavaca Bay at 60 an hour
XXXXX X             before 11:00 am.  Met 6 on causeway, 3 along Commerce St.  Went back at 12:30, wind SE at
                            10 mph, 81 dF, monarchs down to 20 an hour, met 4 on causeway, 2 on way home. 

Sat., Nov 11:       Front last night with squall line at 10:30, mostly clear, 61 dF, N wind at 20 mph.  Count
XXXXX XXXXX  11:30 to 12:00 noon was 106 monarchs for hour avg of 212, best 5 minutes was 30.
XXXXX XXXXX  Altus got to see monarchs drop from the sky when a stiff north wind was blowing!!!

Mon., Nov 13:    Between 10:00 and 11:00 this morning monarchs were averaging 156 an hour past my observation
XXXXX XXXXX point, met 17 crossing causeway 10:45 to 10:50, met 12 crossing 11:10 to 11:15.  Light wind out of
XXXXX XXXXX north,  71 dF.  Just before 1:00 the count was avg about 8 in the five minute counts, wind had changed
                             to the SE and then there were none.  Went to the west side of the peninsula and found the monarchs
                             streaming out across the bay ... between 1:00 and 1:15 I counted 50 monarchs striking out, some
                             flying low and steady, others flying hard up then gliding down at a 45 degree angle ... over and over.
                             The most I've seen this low and this far out over the bay back to the first of October ... steady flow!!!

Tues., Nov 14:    Wind out SSW at 15 mph, 81 dF ... small spurts of monarchs from in front of Alcoa.  Checked out
XXXXX                 at least four dozen nectaring on short seaside goldenrod and lantana.  Netted six from van. 

Wed., Nov 15:   WIND!!! Gale Warnings!!! Winds 40 up to 51 mph out of WNW.  Saw two monarchs being blown ...

Thurs., Nov 16: Wind still "brisk", WNW 10 to 15 mph, clear, 63 dF.  From 12 noon to 1:30 there has been a steady
XXXXX X           flow but small flow that has been avg 60 monarchs an hour ... coming from in front of Alcoa and
                             moving to SW best 5 minutes was 13.   Saw monarchs puddling, tide out ... monarchs on goldenrod
                             lantana, and today also on camphor daisy ... plants are wind burned.

Sat., Nov 18:      Altus and I watched a few monarchs wanting to fly out across Lavaca Bay about 11 am, many on
XXXX                 the flowers.  Altus netted 22 very skittish monarchs over the next hour and half as I spotted for her. 

Sun., Nov 19:     Little movement, saw just a few fly by.  We were later, Altus netted seven more after 1:00.

Mon., Nov 20:     NW wind 15 to 20 mph, temp dropped to 64, clear, freeze in morning to I-10.  Two monarchs in
X                          town, four flying along peninsula, one nectaring out of wind on sunflower ... netted him.

Wed., Nov 22:     BAD DAY ON THE PENINSULA!!!  Mowers wiped out all the wildflowers and all our counting!  THE END ...
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